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Welcome to Remington Steele Season 2!

While we’re excited to reach this milestone in the #SteeleTweet. Season 2, you guys! There is a downside to progress, however. And that casualty is Murph. Poor Murph has left us. Poor Bernice has left us. But focus on the important part. Murph will forever remain in our hearts. In his stead who will become the Remington Steele whipping boy? Only time will tell.

Season 2 opens with a two-part episode called “Steele Away with Me” and the arrival of Doris Roberts as Mildred Krebs, a former IRS agent who’d been obsessed with tracking down “Remington Steele.”

Will we learn more about Remington’s past? Will Laura and Remington continue their flirtation? Will Laura wear some more amazing hats? You’ll have to tune in to a brand new season of #Bond_age_TV presents REMINGTON STEELE to find out. You’ll also need to keep your classic movie radar finely tuned during these episodes because there are new fewer than five references.

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#Bond_age_TV Remington Steele Vol. 6

Bond_age_TVWe’re approaching the end of Remington Steele’s first season and as much as we’d like to jump ahead for the first appearance of Doris Roberts in Season 2, we’ve got some unfinished business.

The end of Season 1 ramps up the blossoming on-again/off-again romance between Holt and Steele. The pair begin to ask more probing questions about their respective pasts. This, of course, provides character development for our two leads — but also showcases some of the swagger Steele developed once the showrunners started producing episodes of a successful prime-time network show. And the character development and progress of the long-term relationship between Holt and Steele depicts late-season momentum knowing that there would in fact be more seasons of Remington Steele. Volume 6 of #Bond_age_TV presents Steele Tweet serves up a pair of such episodes in “Steele In the News” and “Vintage Steele.”

In “Steele In the News” our detectives investigate evildoings at a television news program. Logically, you’ll hear references to Foreign Correspondent and Network. The episode itself is perhaps most remarkable for the appearance of Richard Moll (Night Court) as a pimp. It’s a good episode — don’t get me wrong. But Bull plays a pimp, you guys.

Next up, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share “Vintage Steele” — an episode that takes place in and around a winery when a corpse pops up in a vat of wine. Holt and Steele must determine the corpse’s identity in order to find their killer. It just so happens that the dead guy is none other than the Abbott of the St. Costello Monastery. You can probably figure how that reference plays out within the show’s knowing reference to classic Hollywood.

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#Bond_age_TV: Remington Steele Vol. 5

Many moons have passed since we last revisited Remington Steele and Laura Holt and Murph… oh Murph. #SteeleTweet Vol. 4 happened way back in September! My how time evaporates. We ran through a 1966 retrospective and then the holidays and blammo. Here we are in the dystopia known as 2017. I’m hoarding canned goods, bottled water and my Remington Steele DVDs.

Nevermind the wait — this week’s episodes are worth the wait. This week we’ll be viewing episodes 16 and 17 from Season 1. Try as we might to skip over episodes for the good stuff the more we realize that these early seasons are all good stuff.

“Steele Crazy After All These Years” has long been a fan favorite with Murph returning home to attend his college homecoming… and wouldn’t you know it? Someone gets murdered. We go back to Murph’s roots, you guys. We get to see the Murph origin story! Well, sort of. One thing is for certain — we get to make fun of Murph for an entire episode. Pay attention for references to The Third Man and The Uninvited.

Episode 17 couldn’t be overlooked — especially for fans of classic film. “Steele Among the Living” is a little riff on Laura. When an artist turns up missing, her artwork appreciates notably. Laura Holt thinks this is curious and investigates.

Join us Wednesday, January 11th @ 9pm ET for Remington Steele Vol. 5. Follow #Bond_age_TV. Embeds for the aforementioned episodes will appear right here on thejamesbondsocialmediaproject.com. This week, I’d also like to welcome a brand new #Bond_age_TV host! Pam Fallon Thornley (@fallonthornley) officially joins the #Bond_age_ ranks to share her love of Laura Holt and Remington Steele. She’s been instrumental in bringing Steele to #Bond_age_TV, so I thought it was about time I gave her a key to the #Bond_age_ HQ!

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#Bond_age_TV: Remington Steele Vol. 4

Bond_age_TVFor the last two volumes of #SteeleTweet I had to carefully weigh my episode options. For the last live tweet I went back to rewatch contested episodes because I couldn’t quite decide. Not so with Volume 4. These two episodes stand out so strongly in my memory that I really had no choice in the matter. These episodes chose me. Sure, I’d like to live tweet the episode with Steele and Holt pretending to be an alcoholic married couple… but I’ll leave that to you as homework. It’s episode 14, by the way, “Hearts of Steele.” Highly recommended… but not quite as highly recommended as the following two episodes of Remington Steele goodness.

“A Good Night’s Steele” is an irrefutable series classic. Laura and Steele slip into a sleep clinic as physician and patient to identify a morphine thief. All you need to know about this episode is that Remington Steele becomes increasingly loopy as sleep deprivation sets in. Brosnan again gets to showcase the foppish, comedic side of the character. You’ll also note Paul Reiser in a guest starring role.

For our second episode of the evening, I’m tapping “To Stop a Steele” which pits Laura against Remington on opposite sides of a jewel heist. Laura has been hired by the jeweler to locate a priceless diamond while Steele has been hired by the thief who tried to steal the diamond but found the vault empty. Now they’re both trying to find the hot rock from opposite sides of the law.

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#Bond_age_TV: Remington Steele Vol. 3

Bond_age_TVMy anticipation for each of these Remington Steele live tweets has been growing with each new episode double feature. I wanted to start with a heavy dose of early Steele episodes because they showcase the development of showrunners’ growing confidence with the characters. Consequently we’ve viewed four of the first five episodes through the first two Volumes. For Volume 3, we’re going to jump ahead to Episodes 9 and 10. Not because I dislike anything in between, but because Remington Steele begins to hit its stride during these middle episodes of the first season. If you want to go back and view other episodes I strongly considered, check out Episode 6 – “Steele Belted” – Remington Steele has to team up with Murphy to solve the case and it’s a bit like the Seinfeld episode where Elaine and George have to hang out without Jerry. Also check out Episode 8 – “You’re Steele the One For Me,” which is one of the more outlandish early episodes as it involves Remington Steele and Laura clashing with the Yakuza. Nice. Now you have some homework.

For our live tweet purposes, however, it’s Episodes 9 and 10 and I’m sticking with those picks. Episode 9, “In the Steele of the Night” was actually an episode I’d forgotten about until Pam (@fallonthornley) mentioned it in one of our programming discussions. Laura and Murphy attend a professional reunion, and Steele tags along. When the host turns up dead, the party attendees turn to Remington Steele to solve the whodunnit. Except of course that Remington has no idea how to conduct a proper investigation and has to secretly turn to Laura, the proper PI, for help.

Remington Steele "In the Steele of the Night"

The perfect Laura Holt #facepalm from “In the Steele of the Night.”

Episode 10, “Steele Trap,” contains a similar set up and therefore functions perfectly as the second half of this double feature. Steele and Laura attend and island party thrown by a magazine publisher to investigate why a client committed suicide. One by one, the host and his guests turn up dead. The episode is also notable because Steele attempts to tell Laura more about himself. I’ll let you see how this turns out, but it’s an important statement by the series about how it’s going to approach the mystery behind the character of Remington Steele. Also, good luck keeping up with the cinematic references in this episode.

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#Bond_age_TV: Remington Steele Vol. 2


Welcome back, #SteeleTweeters. It’s time again to revisit Remington Steele on your new favorite #Bond_age_TV series. We rejoin Laura Holt and the mysterious “Remington Steele” with two more episodes from early on in the first season. As I scanned the list, refreshing my memory about the narratives from these episodes, I realized that there probably isn’t one episode of Remington Steele from the first two seasons I wouldn’t want to live tweet. But if I followed through on that promise, I’d have to turn #Bond_age_ into #RemingtonSteele_age_, and we’d never do anything else. We’ll jump forward a few episodes after this block.

With that in mind, we’re going to carry on with two episodes featuring choice co-stars and twisty narratives. First up is Episode 3 from Season 1, entitled “Steele Waters Run Deep.” This episode features Peter Scolari (start writing down your Bosom Buddies riffs now) and the classic 1980’s video game Centipede in a plot about a missing video game developer. Also, keep your eyes peeled for that North by Northwest reference. “Steele Waters” is also the first episode written by Lee David Zlotoff, the man who would go on to create MacGuyver in 1985.

Next up is Episode 5, “Thou Shalt Not Steele,” an episode chosen because it features Pierce Brosnan’s first wife Cassandra Harris and a visit from Laura Holt’s meddling mother (played by Beverly Garland, a TV actress you might recognize from Scarecrow and Mrs. King and My Three Sons). Remington Steele and Laura disagree over whether to guard a priceless painting before a woman from Steele’s past reappears and asks him to “steele” it for her. Shades of Pierce’s foray into art theft in The Thomas Crown Affair. Also, visits from Laura’s family become more regular and more entertaining as the series goes on. A slightly more subtle Maltese Falcon reference may keep you on your toes.

#Bond_age_TV remington steele

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