Moonraker Opening Remixed w/ Kate Bush

Moonraker Opening Remixed w/ Kate Bush

Kate Bush Moonraker opening remixed

Leading British female pop singer Kate Bush, in London, England, April 6, 1980. (AP Photo)

@DrMattFinch came to me and he said, “#Bond_age_ Guy why haven’t you used Kate Bush’s “James and the Cold Gun” for a Remix? And I said, “How could I have overlooked this potential?” Well, I’ve overlooked it no more. I scoured the Roger Moore years (because let’s face it, Kate Bush could only soundtrack a Moore or a Dalton movie) and found a pairing that I quite like. There are some nice lyrical cues to match the action and the groovy bits definitely align with some of the disco-lite visuals in the Moonraker opening.

Moonraker Opening Remixed w/ Kate Bush

Moonraker Opening Remix w/ Kate Bush from James Patrick on Vimeo.

Moonraker #Bond_age_ Collection DVD Cover

moonraker custom dvd cover

I couldn’t do a Moonraker Custom DVD Cover and not use my favorite Moonraker Live Tweet moment.


So ingrained are the “pew pew pew” sound effects used during the climactic space laser battle that they had to be a centerpiece of the cover. Or, per Trevor Jost, SPACE. LASER. BATTLE. Once I figured out how to use the “pew pew pew” for the Moonraker #Bond_age_ Collection DVD Cover, the rest fell into place. I borrowed a few images from stills and found the right picture of Earth from space and that was really about it. Sometimes it’s just best not to over-think these things. My only stumble… I had a hard time picking a font. I couldn’t decide whether to go with the more traditional font used on the posters or branch out on my own. Ultimately I chose the depth of this future-ish type font (or at least the future from the perspective of the 1970’s) over tradition.

Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets: #Moonraker

Picking a handful of gold tweets from the #Moonraker live tweet caused me much distress.



  Also brilliant:

Moonraker: In the Teeth of Nostalgia

Moonraker uk quad poster


#Bond_age_ #11: Moonraker: In the Teeth of Nostalgia


For the first time since I began the #Bond_age_ project I’m at a loss regarding how to approach an essay. I suppose I should be grateful I’ve lasted this long, churning out thousands of Bond-y words without hiccup or hesitation. After all, this entry marks the 11th Bond movie. This is the 12th #Bond_age_ essay and we’re in the 22nd week of watching and loving James Bond. That’s a lot of Bond. And I’m getting a little nostalgic for the project already. Worrying about the inevitable end of something that’s been more enjoyable and rewarding than I’d thought possible.


My first #Bond_age_ tweet for #DrNo:



Consider that this project was conceived the week that Skyfall was released and began in earnest, after some short planning, on December 12th with Dr. No – the night that I tweeted facts and information to myself for 20 minutes before one person came along (thanks, @jennjaysleafs).  A couple of people chimed in with some commentary of the “Wow, I never knew that” variety. The @007hertzrumble twitter account hadn’t yet been created. Hell, the tumblr didn’t even come around until sometime at the beginning of February. Considering from whence we’ve come, #Bond_age_ is now a well-oiled machine… but as late as January 16th, the night we watched Thunderball, I was considering canning the whole project entirely. Three people, including myself, had tweeted Goldfinger the prior week. The most well-known and generally most-liked Bond movie drew three people for the live tweet. And two of them were obligated to be there. I really don’t think I can be blamed for my disillusionment. I’d plugged this Goldfinger more on Twitter, thinking that persistence and top-of-mind awareness would eventually pay dividends. As it turned out, however, per the timeless words of Steve Coogan, I was just “doing Bond wrong” altogether.

Well, not actually Bond, per say, but Bond on Twitter, certainly. I gave myself the ultimatum. One more chance, I told Justin Daugherty, the editor of Sundog Lit Mag, the early sponsor and champion of the project, regarding that week’s screening of Thunderball. And then I tried a different tactic. It occurred to me that perhaps while I had 1200 followers on twitter I was just using a megaphone that wasn’t switched on to broadcast my live tweet sessions. I’d derived many of those followers from my tweeting about writing and music, hockey and baseball, not necessarily movies, and certainly not Bond. It should have come as no shock that my offers to enjoy great #Bond_age_ were met with deafening indifference. (more…)

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