Live and Let Die Opening Remixed with The Cult

the cult fire woman

Replace Sir Paul? Why not? Sometimes even the classics need a day off. I knew immediately which song I wanted to use… thematics and all that fire jazz led me to The Cult’s “Fire Woman” immediately. I really wanted to use a remix I had on vinyl called the “L.A. Remix,” but that version failed to hit the cues without significant editing. I returned to the album cut. With minimal tinkering with the start and a fade out at the end, this one fell into place naturally.

Live and Let Die Opening Remixed with The Cult


Live and Let Die Opening Titles Remixed with The Cult from James Patrick on Vimeo.

Live and Let Die: What You Write About When You Write About LaLD

This is the eighth essay in a 23-part series about the James Bond cinemas. I encourage everyone to comment and join in on an extended conversation about not only the films themselves, but cinematic trends, political and other external influences on the series’ tone and direction.

Of [In]human #Bond_age_ #8: What You Write About When You’re Writing About Live and Let Die

by James David Patrick

Live and Let Die poster

Live and Let Die is a powder keg. Both behind the scenes and on camera, Live and Let Die offers more controversy per minute than any other James Bond movie. This is a fact. It is incontrovertible and has been proven by very meticulous scientific research. Thus, pinpointing one talking point seems foolish. Instead, I’m going to try to make all the controversial pieces fit together in a mosaic of images and cultural artifacts in a roundabout way that somehow ends up shedding light on the movie’s two major talking points: Roger Moore taking the Walther from Sean Connery and the problematic topic of race.

I’m going to begin by highlighting one word. Panic. (more…)

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