Licence to Kill “Just Because” Live Tweet

Licence to Kill “Just Because” Live Tweet

licence to kill just because

At a certain point early this year when I plotted out all the Bond anniversaries, I had a brain gaffe, a cloud perhaps, and listed Live and Let Die as old old 45er. As we all know, Roger Moore starred in Live and Let Die during the great year of 1973, not 1972. So.

That left an opening this week among three other Bond-versaries. I’d moved all the other regular programming around to make June an old fashioned month of #Bond_age_. No Tom Cruising. No Ladies Nights. No Year of the Spy. So when I suddenly had an opening, I consulted the #Bond_age_ viewers enjoying their slice of the 30th Anniversary The Living Daylights Live Tweet. Unanimously the entirety of Twitterdom called out “We want more Dalton! Let’s watch Licence to Kill next week!”

Okay, so it was two people and one of them, Krissy Myers, has a corner office at the #Bond_age_ volcano lair. (We tell her it’s a corner office, but since it’s a volcano it’s pretty clear to everyone that there are no specific “corners”.) How could I deny such high volume demand for more SMOLDER!?! I would never turn down more Smolder. I would never turn down Carrie Lowell. Nor Robert Davi’s iguana. Or Benicio’s “Honeymooooooooo….”

So this week join #Bond_age_ for the LICENCE TO KILL (just because) live tweet on June 28th @ 9pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. An embed for LTK will reside of the site for viewing. Also, worth noting: all future #Bond_age_ live tweet programming will be housed at <—Bookmark that page!

The Immaculate Revenge of Licence to Kill

This is the sixteenth essay in a 24-part series about the James Bond cinemas co-created by Sundog Lit. I encourage everyone to read the other essays, comment and join in on the conversation about not only the films themselves, but cinematic trends, political and other external influences on the series’ tone and direction.

Of [In]human #Bond_age_ #16: The Immaculate Revenge of Licence to Kill

by James David Patrick

Licence to Kill poster

I sat down to write this essay for Licence to Kill and stared at an empty screen. I’d inadvertently used many of the points I’d plan to discuss in my conversation about The Living Daylights. And if not for my essay on guilty pleasures and The Man with the Golden Gun, I could have done something similar here. Outright Carey Lowell worship seemed too shallow (off to Tumblr!). Discussing the abundance of television actors in the Bond films of the 80’s seemed more like a TV Guide cover story. Underrated Bond villains? Davi’s at the top of the list. Do they still print TV Guides by the way? Boy is that a publication that overstayed its utility. I do, however, remember anticipating the arrival of the new TV Guide in the mailbox. I’d scan every day’s primetime schedule grid looking for cartoons, especially the holiday Peanuts’ specials and Garfield. I never missed a primetime Garfield special. I was diligent. But I digress. How could I digress without even getting started down a single path? Doesn’t that mean that the initial path was a digression, thus making the digression the legitimate path? After all, Licence to Kill does indeed mark a drastic series transgression — this essay could merely be a thematic homage that somewhere along the way stumbled onto relevancy.

Speaking of relevancy, check out this picture. There’s too much smolder going on here for mortal humans to fully process.

Licence to Kill - Smolder (more…)

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