The Spy Who Loved Me 40th Anniversary Live Tweet

The Spy Who Loved Me 40th Anniversary Live Tweet

the spy who loved me 40th anniversary

If I need to introduce the 40th Anniversary of The Spy Who Loved Me I haven’t been doing my job. Roger Moore’s finest hour as Bond premiered on July 7th, 1977. All you need to do is show up and offer some amazing live twatter in respect.

#Bond_age_ live tweets The Spy Who Loved Me on Wednesday, July 5th @ 9pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. Check the Programming page for embed.


Licence to Kill “Just Because” Live Tweet

Licence to Kill “Just Because” Live Tweet

licence to kill just because

At a certain point early this year when I plotted out all the Bond anniversaries, I had a brain gaffe, a cloud perhaps, and listed Live and Let Die as old old 45er. As we all know, Roger Moore starred in Live and Let Die during the great year of 1973, not 1972. So.

That left an opening this week among three other Bond-versaries. I’d moved all the other regular programming around to make June an old fashioned month of #Bond_age_. No Tom Cruising. No Ladies Nights. No Year of the Spy. So when I suddenly had an opening, I consulted the #Bond_age_ viewers enjoying their slice of the 30th Anniversary The Living Daylights Live Tweet. Unanimously the entirety of Twitterdom called out “We want more Dalton! Let’s watch Licence to Kill next week!”

Okay, so it was two people and one of them, Krissy Myers, has a corner office at the #Bond_age_ volcano lair. (We tell her it’s a corner office, but since it’s a volcano it’s pretty clear to everyone that there are no specific “corners”.) How could I deny such high volume demand for more SMOLDER!?! I would never turn down more Smolder. I would never turn down Carrie Lowell. Nor Robert Davi’s iguana. Or Benicio’s “Honeymooooooooo….”

So this week join #Bond_age_ for the LICENCE TO KILL (just because) live tweet on June 28th @ 9pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. An embed for LTK will reside of the site for viewing. Also, worth noting: all future #Bond_age_ live tweet programming will be housed at <—Bookmark that page!

You Only Live Twice 50th Anniversary Live Tweet

You Only Live Twice 50th

On June 12th, 1967, You Only Live Twice premiered at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. James Bond had reached a cultural apex with Thunderball — and in fact, Thunderball remained the biggest Bond moneymaker until Skyfall rolled up in 2012. Queen Elizabeth II attended the premiere, her first. James Bond had become omnipresent. According to the genre lists at, 1966 and 1967 together witnessed the release of more than 60 non-James Bond spy films. Quite simply no one was bigger in 1967 than 007.

Critics largely praised the scope and scale of the film, but many were left nonplussed by the increasing importance of the gadgets and nonsense finale. Roger Ebert said You Only Live Twice failed “to work its magic.” The film continues to cause a schism among fans. IGN ranked YOLT as the 4th best. Entertainment Weekly, the 2nd best. The proprietor of this here #Bond_age_ project (that would be me) just yesterday on Twitter called it “creatively bankrupt.” (Yes. I just cited myself, goddammit.)

But none of that matters. In the realm of #Bond_age_, we bring our snark and reverence and sincere enjoyment of James Bond. And in the live tweet arena, few James Bond films provide greater opportunity for both snark and reverence than You Only Live Twice.

As much as I love to hate You Only Live Twice, I love to love the You Only Live Twice Live Tweet.

Join #Bond_age_ on Wednesday, June 14th @ 9pm ET for the You Only Live Twice 50th Anniversary Live Tweet extravaganza. 

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