To celebrate Timothy Dalton’s 70th birthday (on March 21st) I’d planned to live tweet THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. But then I thought that The Smolder might feel a little left out. For all of the other Bond actor’s birthdays we’re live tweeting non-Bond movies. Why shouldn’t he get the same, uh, consideration. So then I’d planned to slot in FLASH GORDON! Because who doesn’t want a live tweet of Flash Gordon? WHO I ASK YOU! But as it turns out, the Flash Gordon I’d planned to use has a botched aspect ratio that made my head hurt watching it for five minutes. I test these things out for you guys. I’m on that wall. You need me on that wall. But I don’t own Flash Gordon. Womp womp. Which means I needed to find another Timothy Dalton live tweet prospect IMMEDIATELY. So on Tuesday morning I’m scanning T-Dalt’s resume on IMDB looking for something interesting that’s either available online or in my DVD collection. After a couple of less than interesting prospects (Dalton’s been in some really random stuff, you guys), I came up with…

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Timothy Dalton’s BRENDA STARR Live Tweet 70th Birthday Bash!

What better way to celebrate The Smolder than with a movie based on a comic book that nobody actually wanted to release? And then when they did release it, the creator of the original comic publicly lambasted it and pretended it didn’t exist? Timothy Dalton playing a character named The Stranger! The Stranger wears an eye patch! And occasionally resembles Zorro! Brooke Shields gets to play an empowered woman but gets a script written for a total ditz! It’s Brenda Starr! It’s considered one of the worst comic book adaptations in history! “Danger has a new shape!” That’s a tagline in the trailer! Really! I hope all those exclamation points got you pumped up for the occasion.

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Brenda Starr Live Tweet (Happy Birthday T-Dalt!)

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