#Bond_age_versary 3


Three years ago, I spewed a Dr. No Live Tweet to an unwitting Twatterverse. It was just me and @jennjaysleafs on the first Wednesday in December talking Bond and spinning yarns. On that Wednesday I embarked on what was to be a 23-week project — to live tweet each Bond movie and write a blog post about each per week. This was a break from my regular fiction writing. I was burnt out, angry, and incapable of completing new projects. I had a book of 80,000 words I hated, a few short stories on the back burner. I thought a 23 week break from all of that would do me a heap of good.

Let me repeat that one more time. 23 weeks.

156 weeks later, here we are. We’ve live tweeted each of the James Bond movies (and Danger: Diabolik!) at least three times. We’ve crowned a Tournament of Bonds Champion (From Russia With Love). We’ve crowned a Tournament of #Bond_age_ Tweets Champion (@TravisSMcClain and his comment on Commie etching and sketching). A few of us have even become talking heads on an ill-advised Podcast. We’ve even spun off new adventures on #Bond_age_TV. I’ve written about each Bond movie. You’ve written about your love for each Bond movie (even Die Another Day!). I’ve shared my affection for Bond, argued the finer points (and the less fine points), and learned to appreciate the James Bond movies in new and varied ways. Most importantly I’ve met dozens upon dozens of truly amazing Bond aficionados and movie fans. I’ve even met a few of you in real life and become “The #Bond_age_ Guy” (which looks good on paper, but takes on entirely new meaning when spoken). I’ve continued to sail this ship for three years and quite honestly, it’s not even about 007 anymore. It’s about providing a place where we know we can always get together on Wednesday night, maybe share a drink, and connect via this crazy thing called the Twatterverse.



Join me on Wednesday, December 2nd at 9pm EST to celebrate the 3rd #Bond_age_versary with a live tweet of the movie that started it all: Dr. No. Follow the #Bond_age_ hashtag. To everyone out there that’s ever live tweeted a movie with #Bond_age_: I do hope you stop by, for at least a little while and celebrate the ongoing (never-ending?) live tweet project that you had a hand in building. And to anyone that’s never done Bond with us, it’s never too late to jump in and enjoy some good #Bond_age_.

Wednesday, December 2nd @ 9pm EST: It’s the #Bond_age_versary 3 Dr. No Live Tweet

#Bond_age_versary 3: Dr. No Live Tweet

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