Bond_age_TVMy anticipation for each of these Remington Steele live tweets has been growing with each new episode double feature. I wanted to start with a heavy dose of early Steele episodes because they showcase the development of showrunners’ growing confidence with the characters. Consequently we’ve viewed four of the first five episodes through the first two Volumes. For Volume 3, we’re going to jump ahead to Episodes 9 and 10. Not because I dislike anything in between, but because Remington Steele begins to hit its stride during these middle episodes of the first season. If you want to go back and view other episodes I strongly considered, check out Episode 6 – “Steele Belted” – Remington Steele has to team up with Murphy to solve the case and it’s a bit like the Seinfeld episode where Elaine and George have to hang out without Jerry. Also check out Episode 8 – “You’re Steele the One For Me,” which is one of the more outlandish early episodes as it involves Remington Steele and Laura clashing with the Yakuza. Nice. Now you have some homework.

For our live tweet purposes, however, it’s Episodes 9 and 10 and I’m sticking with those picks. Episode 9, “In the Steele of the Night” was actually an episode I’d forgotten about until Pam (@fallonthornley) mentioned it in one of our programming discussions. Laura and Murphy attend a professional reunion, and Steele tags along. When the host turns up dead, the party attendees turn to Remington Steele to solve the whodunnit. Except of course that Remington has no idea how to conduct a proper investigation and has to secretly turn to Laura, the proper PI, for help.

Remington Steele "In the Steele of the Night"

The perfect Laura Holt #facepalm from “In the Steele of the Night.”

Episode 10, “Steele Trap,” contains a similar set up and therefore functions perfectly as the second half of this double feature. Steele and Laura attend and island party thrown by a magazine publisher to investigate why a client committed suicide. One by one, the host and his guests turn up dead. The episode is also notable because Steele attempts to tell Laura more about himself. I’ll let you see how this turns out, but it’s an important statement by the series about how it’s going to approach the mystery behind the character of Remington Steele. Also, good luck keeping up with the cinematic references in this episode.

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#Bond_age_TV: Remington Steele Vol. 3

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