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Every so often the stars align in the #Bond_age_ universe. Sometimes by accident. Sometimes with much forethought. Okay, maybe not “much forethought.” “Some forethought” maybe. When I first started the Ladies’ Night series of live tweets to celebrate the women of the James Bond films, I went through the list and picked the movies I’d like to live tweet. When I arrived at Britt Ekland, I stumbled. How could I pick just one. Let’s be honest here; Britt Ekland made a lot of movies worthy of #Bond_age_ live tweet fodder. I left that box on the Excel spreadsheet blank.

As I input the dates into the calendar, roughly one per month, I noticed that Ms. Ekland’s date fell in October. Without hesitation, I went back to my Ladies’ Night spreadsheet and typed in:


Christopher Lee. Britt Ekland. Halloween. Not since the great Zardoz live tweet of 2016 had I had the opportunity to program something as batcrap unusual as the original 1973 Wicker Man. Unsettling and unlike anything you’ve ever seen, The Wicker Man serves up a delicious Christopher Lee performance and more WTF moments than one live tweet can handle. But goshdarnit we’re professionals by now and we’ll roast it with the best of them.

Join #Bond_age_ on Wednesday, October 25th for the First Annual (?) #Bond_age_ Spook_tacular_ live tweet of THE WICKER MAN. Follow #Bond_age_ hashtag. Programming begins at 9pm ET. The embed will go live on Wednesday.


#Bond_age_ Spook_tacular_: The Wicker Man Live Tweet

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