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Welcome to Sir Roger’s 89th Birthday Clip-o-Rama Extravaganza! I’ve uploaded everything into a YouTube playlist. All you need to do is hit PLAY at 9pm ET. It’s a random assortment of lunacy worthy of only Sir Roger.

Edit: Disney has seen it necessary to block the usage of the ending of Roger’s Muppet Show appearance, thus forcing me to host the finale on this website. It’ll appear beneath the YouTube parade. I found the incomplete clip elsewhere on the YouTubes but I want the whole damn finale. Nothing but the best for fans of #Bond_age_ and Roger Moore. This merely means that you’ll have to hit play on one final video. 


@PartyMoore007 presents Sir Roger’s 89th Birthday Clip-O-Rama! 9:00pm ET. Follow #Bond_age_ hash.


Finale! Press play after the YouTube playlist completes!

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#Bond_age_ Programming 10/19: Sir Roger Moore’s 89th Birthday Clip-o-Rama!

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